Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ugh Sick

Sorry about no post yesterday but I got sick!;( However its back to work today. I am working from home building some content for the Child Care Model. Tricia is coming over to voice record for the project. This is my set up.  I will be recording using a USB Snowball mic, Garage Band and Imovie HD. Which by the way I feel that imovie has become way harder to use than the last time I used it....granted that was five years ago and I used it everyday.

  My brother left for new york today. He is going snowboarding at white face. He has these socks that feel like you are wearing a cloud. I had them on yesterday while I was feeling sick. I also tried on his Snowboarding boots. I felt like I was a moon man.

Yesterday while I was sick I watched a couple of movies. I watched the Proposal staring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The film was such a good  RomCom. I forgot how great chick flicks can be. I then watched Extract while I did some work for CMAS. Extract was hilarious and I thought both Ben Aflec and Jason Batmen were hilarious. I felt this movie is just as good as Office Space, which was also hilarious. At the end of the day before I went to bed I watched the film The Lovely Bones.
 This movie changed me. I loved it. Half way through I had full on cried twice. This film made me feel so many emotions. I thought it was great. I think that the film looked so good. So vivid. Also I do believe that Mark Walberg was miscast. However it never took me out of the film. I highly suggest it to anyone.
  As for the New Years resolutions, I have kept up with my 6 glasses of water a day and my cutting back on eating out. I have yet to work out but I am promising myself I will.

Well thats it for today. I am listening to Jay-Z's blue print 3 and its fabulous.