Friday, March 20, 2009

I Went to the Circus

So last night I went to the Circus. Taking the subway down to union station was filled with 20somethings with their French manicures and there pin straight hair laughing with their friends, all with the excitement of seeing a woman who for the last two years has been shown as crazy, come and entertain them. The one the only Ms. Britney Spears the Princess of Pop.

Arriving at the gate was the line up filled the inside of the ACC, so I continued outside to enter at the side gates where I got in with a quick glance in my purse, no pat down like I am used too. The concert was to start at 7:00pm exactly and it did not disappoint. The three rings clearly visible, I was centre stage first row about to see on of my first pop concert. The lights went down the Curtin came up and there they were, five dolls standing on a cascading staircase saying hello.

            The pussycat dolls were really that little dolls. There costumes matching in all girl band glory. The surprising thing was their energy. It did not feel that they were just going through the motions, no they were having fun. They played for about a half hour to 45 minutes. Surprisingly they actually interacted with the audience much unlike Ms. B Spears. They also had the cutest outfits. Each sparkly sailor lingerie piece. I was unsure if it was the best for the 8 year olds two rows behind me.

            They played their new song Jaeho and only Nicole sang. The dolls became glorified back up dancers. Otherwise the pussycat dolls were a good opening act but I would never go just to see them.

            After they left the stage I went to find the bar which was a successful with my jack and cokes in my hand I descended back into the circus. After entering back into the ring a real circus was performing. They did all the acrobatic tricks and was very fun…it killed time while they got the stage set up.

            And then it happened the circus performers took their final bow and then a big LED circle screen came down that did a circle around the main stage. Complete with a giant red curtain. Perez Hilton opened the show and was amazing as the scary ring leader for this freak show.  And there coming down from the roof riding in a big brass ring was Britney.

            She opened up with circus and continued the big sceptical. Her dancers fully around her like a security blanket. Britney was back bitch and you knew it. The costumes were amazing every number seemed to sparkle a bit more than the last. The show was campy. She did everything you would expect from a princess of pop. Clearly lip sinking the entire time Britney danced her heart out. Britney really used all 3 rings creating a show that there was no bad seat.

            She did not however interact with the crowd at all. This was fine. Britney is not real she is doll that was put on this earth to entertain you. I loved the outfits, the stage, the props…you could tell this was an expensive show to put on and that it was planned so well. I especially enjoyed the sweet dreams cut scene which was both sexy and provocative while still keeping with the circus theme. I think one of the best costumes was not even Britney’s it was a back up dancers, Who was centre stage in a white spot light descending from the roof with giant black wings to demonstrate it was the freak show portion of the circus. It was exquisitely beautiful.

            For the ending of the show Britney had a montage using all her music video’s to get the crowd excited and then she came up from the bottom of the stage, and there she was Srgt. Spears. Even though she only preformed one encore song which was womanizer she had the wall of sparks like in the circus video followed by confetti pouring down. Which got everywhere but it was wonderful.

            In the end this concert was everything it needed to be to get Britney back on top. I looked at her last night not as a lost girl but as a confident woman whose life was getting back on top, a true role model not for kids but teenagers and 20 something’s who need to know that no matter how much of a circus your life is, it will work out as long as you want to fix it all, there is no need to be a freak show unless you want to be.