Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a Vicious Cycle of Awesome

So yesterday I started my resolutions.

I did drink 6 glasses of water. So proud day 1. I also started organizing for my move.
I built some spreadsheets. No one was more happy than myself at these spreadsheets.
 I used excel code. I color coded all of it. They look awesome.

I also went to Starbucks and Sherway gardens with Leslie, Kara, and my bro.

We just went to baby gap. Kara was feeling ill. However we did end up buying a cute dress for her. However it was for a three year old but Kara is a cute little fatty so she will fit into it soon. Brandon also rented border lands! We also beat Uncharted 2: Drakes Fortune....last boss really hard but it was awesome none the less.

 I am now back at work...though I only took a total of five days off....
which was good I did not loose that much money. However we
changed the office around. I can not wait for Pauls face when he walks in!
I am also starting the second phase of my Technology project.
I am createing help guides on the online products we use.
Both print and video. If anyone has any suggestions on a
program I can use to record my desk top would be
benificial and appreciated.


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